`Xander can do an awful lot of stuff. Between two people, he's learnt many skills and here is the full list of commands you can use.

The Basics

!Setup - Create your profile for the room.

!View <nick> - `Xander will show you another person's profile.

!Funds - View how much money you have.

!Give <nick> <amount> - Give a friend some of your cash, 'cause you're lovely.

!Drinklist - See what's available at the bar. Though be careful what you order, `Xander isn't cheap, and there's other stuff to spend your money on.

!Dare <nick> - Give someone a dare or be dared yourself, you can earn more money by completing dares.

!LDStart - Start a game of Liar's Dice. Try your luck at gambling with other people in the room.

!Bloodlust - Once you have a profile made, come join the other people battling in our exclusive PvP battle game .

!BLHelp - Get help with the in game commands for the Bloodlust PvP Game

!Shop - Buy awesome gear, moves etc for the Bloodlust PvP Game in the shop (told you there was other stuff to buy).

Fun stuff to play with.


.slap <nick>

.poke <nick> (Just don't poke Grayell)





!bite <nick>


Cute (More like pervy) commands.

.huggles <nick>

.snuggle <nick>

.kiss <nick>

.romance <nick>

.lick <nick>

.molest <nick>

.love <nick>

AI Responses.

Type these to get a response from `Xander.

'good bot'

'stupid bot'

'Where's Alec?'

/me slaps `Xander

/me pets `Xander

/me huggles `Xander

/me dances around

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