When you create your battle character, you will be asked to pick a class.

There are six to choose from and each is different in some way.

Your special move is tied to the class you pick and each special move is different.

Special moves can only be used ONCE per battle and only onec you are at 50% health or less.

Starting health for characters is generated randomly when they are made and can be between 110 and 115 points.

Class Starting Attack power Starting Defence Power Special Move What the Special Move Does
Gunner 11 9 !Deadly-Aim A gamble move that can do up to 60 points of damage.
Psion 14 6 !Mental-Blast Base damage between 5-10, weakens opponent's Attack power between 6-10 points.
Reaver 13 7 !Slaughter Base damage 5-15, weakens opponent's Attack and raises user's Attack between 3-5 points.
Punk 12 8 !Mug

Base damage between 5-10 and steals 1-100 of opponent's funds.

Hunter 17 3 !Death-Blow Base damage 10-20 + 5, weakens both Attack and Defence of opponent by 2-4 points.
Hitman 15 5 !Assassinate Gamble move that can do up to 60 points of damage.
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