Whether you win or lose, there is a chance to receive loot.

Loot can be :







First-Aid, Medikits and Remedies can also be bought in the shop . Tokens and Stones can only be aquired through battling.

When you receive an item, it can be seen when you use the !Inventory command.


There are many different types of Tokens, but they are separated by colour groups and function.

Red, Garnet & Ruby - These tokens increase your ATTACK

Blue, Topaz & Sapphire - These tokens increase your DEFENSE

Green, Turqoise, Jade, Tourmaline & Emerald - These tokens increase your HEALTH

Silver, Gold & Platinum - These tokens do not increase stats, but they can be sold to `Xander for money.

There is no limit to the number of Tokens you can own. Effects of tokens stack, however they only stack once. Any multiples of a token will not be counted.

Token Name Token Effect Rarity
Red +1 Attack Common
Garnet +2 Attack Rare
Ruby +3 Attack Very Rare
Blue +1 Defense Common
Topaz +2 Defense Rare
Sapphire +3 Defense Very Rare
Green +1 Health Common
Turqoise +2 Health Common
Jade +3 Health Rare
Tourmaline +4 Health Rare
Emerald +5 Health Very Rare
Silver N/A Common
Gold N/A Common
Platinum N/A Common

To sell a token, you will need the correct commands.

To sell a token to `Xander :

!Sell `Xander <token name>

`Xander will then make you an offer. If you wish to accept the offer, type:

!Deal `Xander <token name> <`Xander's offer>

If someone else wishes to make an offer for a token:

!Offer <your nick> <token name> <offer>

If you wish to accept the offer, type:

!Deal <their nick> <token name> <their offer>

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