Welcome to the Bloodlust Wiki[edit | edit source]

Bloodlust is a (but not restricted to) vampire based roleplay channel on the bondage.com IRC server and now the DarkMyst server also. As well as a friendly place to write what you like, there's games and good company to boot. Oh, and don't forget to tune into the local radio station too.

About Us[edit | edit source]

We aim to provide a room that gives a friendly and welcoming environment in which to write your epic stories of a darker nature, or even short one-off stories that are able to be enjoyed by everyone.

The room is based around the Bloodlust Tavern, owned by Grayell and poppy, a regular hangout for humans, vampires, weres and others. There are no restrictions on the characters you create, if you create one at all. You don't even have to roleplay. We welcome you to chat with friendly people, play games and listen to one of the best internet radio stations around.

Please come join us. We only bite if you ask nicely.

How To Find Us[edit | edit source]

For DarkMyst

Chose the best server for you from http://www.darkmyst.org/?page=servers

For Bondage.com

You can go through the Java chat found at www.bondage.com and type /join #Bloodlust

Or, you can set up your IRC client to head to the Bondage.com server.

Description: Bondage.com

IRC Server: irc.bondage.com

Port(s): 6667

Channel: #Bloodlust

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